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Ashton Kutcher posted on Twitter a video that is worth gold! At the time of writing this article, she has more than 941,000 views on the social network. However, it lasts only one minute 51 seconds and we see only three people; three people, but not the least. It is Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and… Vitalik Buterin.

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M. Vitalik Buterin, what isEthereum (ETH)?

Actor and investor in venture capital, Ashton Kutcher indulged in a game with his wife Mila Kunis in a room of their big house. During the first 60 seconds, Mr. Kutcher asked his wife questions about cryptocurrency basics. He asked him to explain the concept of “crypto”, “blockchain” and “decentralization”.


To these three questions, Mila Kunis did well by giving complete answers, while keeping his humor which has never left him throughout the duration of the video. Then Ashton Kutcher asks a slightly more delicate question: he wants a description of l’Ethereum (ETH). The camera then switches and switches from Mila Kunis To… Vitalik Buterin, the father of ETH.

M. Buterin, who was actually sitting in a corner of the room at the edge of a table, launches into a long explanation of what is l’Ethereum (ETH). It also reveals how the smart contract protocol is different from “one-purpose” chains. “Ethereum is a general purpose blockchain, […] an open platform that allows people to build their own applications on it, and anything built on top of Ethereum is protected and secure […] by an entire network of thousands of computers around the world ”, expose Vitalik Buterin.

The creator of ETH electronic money continues his presentation. ” Because [ETH] supports a programming language, developers have this limitless creativity in the types of things they actually create. So you can use Ethereum (ETH) to create cryptocurrencies, or NFTs, or a lot of other types of things ”. After being watered by the words of the computer scientist, Ashton Kutcher simply replies: “Yes, that makes sense”.

Highlight the project Stoner Cats

When posting the video to the account Twitter of Ashton Kutcher, several hashtags have been added, including ” #StonerCats “. It refers to NFT series project of Kunis. According to the explanations she gave during an interview, all the people who buy an NFT Stoner Cats will automatically receive access to episodes of his animated series. This series is presented as “The first NFT animated series”. With the video posted on Twitter, we have a taste of the content of the videos.

Ashton Kutcher is no stranger to the world of NFTs. His venture capital firm A-Grade Investments, had supported large companies known in the field of cryptocurrency. We think for example of BitPay (2013) and BitGo (2014).

Vitalik Buterin gave a long and fascinating explanation on l’Ethereum (ETH) in a discussion with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The video posted on Twitter with hashtags allows the project Stoner Cats of Kunis to get back into the spotlight.

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