Atta Halilintar Uncovers Reasons for Invite Krisdayanti to Duet with Aurel Hermansyah : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Atta Halilintar revealed the reason he invited Krisdayanti in the song This is Indonesia and a duet with Aurel Hermansyah.

The song, which was created to celebrate Indonesia’s independence day, was deliberately made by Atta Halilintar with totality. At first it was not easy for him to choose who was suitable to fill and sing his new song.

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“Indeed there are many aspects that I value, yes, in terms of sound, this must be one of the best voices in Indonesia. Because this is my work, I have made the totality, if I don’t get it, it will be my responsibility,” said Atta Halilintar on his Youtube channel, Wednesday ( 11/8/2021).

Then, Atta also came up with the name Krisdayanti, who is the biological mother of his wife, Aurel Hermansyah, who is also known as one of the Indonesian divas.

“And it’s really fitting that Aurel’s mimi is an Indonesian diva, a legend also in Indonesia who used to often listen to Mimi’s powerful voice,” he added.

After that, Atta also shared how he was young when he invited his father-in-law to collaborate in making his new song.

“Mimi is playing at home, playing with Aurel like that. I hear ‘Mih, I already have a song, Mimih do you want to hear it?’ All of a sudden, Mimi just thought for a few minutes, ‘I’m ready, Mimi’s permission, uncle, Mimi likes it’, immediately it was like that,” said Atta Halilintar.

Knowing the good response from his father-in-law, Atta admitted that he was even more enthusiastic. Moreover, he wanted to see the appearance of his wife who would have a duet with Krisdayanti for the first time.

“With that, my energy becomes ‘oh we have to make it even cooler’. Moreover, this will be my wife’s first duet Aurel with Mimi, I’ve never seen them duet, saut-sautan,” he said.