Aura Kasih Expresses Desire to Get Married Again : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Singer Aura Kasih seems ready to open his heart after his divorce with Eryck Amaral last April. The reason is that he expressed his desire to remarry and hoped that his son would get the love of a father.

“Hmmm heavy yes maybe heavier sometimes we see people family day That’s the same as family,” said Aura Kasih as quoted from the Star Story YouTube channel, Saturday (17/10/2021).


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“There is a child with his mother and father, only if it’s my child, it’s just me. It’s a bit difficult when I’m at work, then my son is just the same as his mother, but there’s my father too. So I thought, it’s a pity or not,” he added.

Even so, he tried to make all difficulties easy. He was willing to accept everything gracefully.

“Yes, it’s not hard to deal with, right, that’s life. Efforts to make everything easier and just accept it,” he said.

The Mari Bercinta singer said that she did not regret her decision to divorce Eryck Amaral. He also admitted that he still wants to remarry no matter who his future soul mate is. But for sure, this woman whose real name is Shahiyani Febri Wiraatmadja does not want to rush and chooses to leave her love affairs to the Creator.

“You can’t regret it. Because I personally, we never know what will happen in the future, right. I also can’t be single all the time, bro. I also want to get married again,” he said.

“I mean, yes, it’s okay to just relax, if you meet your soul mate later, maybe it will be the new father. But it’s possible to get married again,” he concluded.