Avoided by biological children, Elly Sugigi adopts Ocha Piliang as a daughter: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Comedian Elly Sugigi claimed to be shunned by his three biological children. Now he has chosen to adopt a daughter, Ocha Piliang.

Elly Sugigi admitted that at first he was worried about his growing old condition. He then adopted Ocha because his adopted son cared about him.


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“His family is fine. Ocha’s father and Ocha’s mother look at me sad. ‘Why are children like that,'” Elly said in one of the YouTube accounts quoted on Sunday (11/21/2021).

“Even when I watch it, I like to cry, ‘Why is it that when I see the original Mpok Ely, how come his son doesn’t want to recognize him as his mother’,” he added.

Furthermore, Aher’s wife said that her children never responded or informed her. Meanwhile, she also admitted that she had to be far away from her husband who lives in Bandung.

“Ulfi is very independent, Yoga is still with me but lives with his grandmother. When I was old, I did have a husband. But he was in Bandung. I don’t like living far away, looking for my money here,” he said.

Even so, Elly hopes to be alive before her children get married. Because he wants his children to take care of him.

“O Allah, if I could choose my age, after Fitri, Yoga married and lived with his family, someone would take care of me, I could take my life. I died peacefully. Because so far I have not been able to calm down,” he said.