Awkarin’s Explanation Allegedly Violating Work Contract Leading to Subpoena : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celebrity Karin Novilda alias Awkarin who is under the auspices of the Huge Enterprise agency has been subpoenaed. He is suspected of violating the employment contract with a beauty product company, PT. Glafidsya RMA Groups.

“Brother Karin Novilda alias Awkarin is attached to the contract in question, so I give a verbal order through this media so that you obey the signed contract,” said Razman, a lawyer for PT. Glafidsya RMA Groups.

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At first, Karin through the Huge Enterprise agency made 20 thousand product packages that were bound by a contract with PT Glafidsya RMA Groups. The products are sunscreen and serum called Double Glowing Serum and Sunscreen.

In the contract, it was written that Karin had to spend 20 thousand on the package. So, the position of Gangga Kusuma’s lover is not just a brand ambassador or endorsement that only promotes, but also product collaboration.

Before the subpoena was sent, the management of PT. Glafidsya RMA Groups always reminds points of what not to do. Unfortunately, there was no response from the relevant parties.

Karin is also said to have received payment through her agency, at the beginning of the profit percentage from the product sold before the product is sold. In fact, the nominal amount is not small.

“Our clients have given a lot of profit sharing (to Awkarin), yes it must be billions,” said Razman.

Skin care products have an expiration date of 2 years, 4 months for the BPOM application process and waiting for product packaging. If 6 months before the expiration date the product cannot be sold to consumers, then Karin only has 1 year and 2 months to complete the sale.

Furthermore, the PT. Glafidsya RMA Groups requested that Karin and Huge Enterprise immediately respond to this summons. They want to find the best solution to the problem.

“We ask Huge Enterprise and Awkarin to respond to our summons and meet with relevant parties, communicate and discuss. Find a solution so that it is clear,” said Razman.