backfire? One detail does not escape

Christmas is near and gifts are starting to arrive even among the VIPs. Among the first to unwrap the gifts was Elisabetta Franchi who on the occasion of her birthday also anticipated the opening of the Christmas parcels. Among the gifts there was the one sent to her by Belen Rodriguez who paid homage to her with items from her new clothing line Hinnominate.In an Instagram story, the designer showed everything to her followers who did not miss a particular detail of the packaging.

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Belen, the detail that triggers the gossip

Inside the boxes there is a phrase, which is nothing more than an Irish blessing to St. Patrick, and so far nothing special. «May the road rise to meet you, may the wind always be behind you, may the sun shine warm on your face, and may the rain fall lightly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God protect you in the palm of his hand».

The fans, who miss nothing, immediately realized that the sentence is the same that Stefano De Martino dedicated to the showgirl as proof of his love by tattooing it on the thigh (in Spanish).

Coincidence or advertising move? Nothing is known, the only certain thing is that Belen has chosen that very phrase to pack her gifts.

What happened to Antonino?

And while the model is at the center of the chat about her story with Antonino Spinalbese who seems to have come to an end (despite the cover of Chi that portrayed them together) now the rumors about a possible flashback with the ex are also rising, Santiago’s dad. Meanwhile, the followers, who can’t wait to be able to toast the Rodriguez-De Martino couple, have noticed an oddity in the latest story of Belen Rodriguez: the list of family members included in the Christmas decorations of the showgirl Antonino Spinalbese is sensationally missing. Will the two be spending the holidays completely separate?

Last updated: Saturday 11 December 2021, 08:24