Balinese pianist, Erik Sondhy tries to penetrate the national market : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – After making music in Bali, pianist Erik Sondhy tried to penetrate the national music industry.

Erik has actually presented several works such as the Erik Sondhy Project (ESP) and released his first album, Introducing Trio 07. In 2012, Erik Sondhy Project worked with a trio called the Karma Jazz Trio, which has members Erik Sondhy (rhodes), Sandy Winarta (drums). and Indra Gupta (bass) and produced an album called Karma.

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In June 2015, Erik Sondhy traveled to London, England, to record his third album at Abbey Road Studio, which was finally released in 2016. His 4th album Meditation was released 2017, followed by The Gift of Love in 2018 and Spontaneus in 2021.

The beginning of 2022 is a blessing with the pianist releasing his latest work entitled Universe Blessings. Unlike the previous song recordings, this time, the musician nicknamed Mister Fingers played the color electronic dance music (EDM). Not only that, he collaborated with Silir Wangi, a singer from Jogjakarta who developed Javanese sinden.

“This song gives enlightenment to every human being to always be grateful because the universe is always faithful to give its gifts. This time I explored EDM, dance music, but combined it with Javanese sinden. I think this is the first Javanese sinden EDM in Indonesia. Yes, you could say it’s a bit out of the color of my music in the previous record, “explained Erik.

Erik’s introduction to Silir Wangi began when he was introduced by Marzuki Mohammad (Kill The Dj), a member of the Jogja Hiphop Foundation who produced the Universe Blessings recording. Silir Wangi was well known when he joined and produced recordings with Sinten Remen led by Djaduk Ferianto, as well as KUA Etnika.