Battle Royale, the ancestor of Squid Game, only better and in 4K Ultra HD

Long before Squid Game, this anticipatory film located between Punishment Park by Peter Watkins and New York 1997 de Carpenter was already enjoying huge success. It is now announced for the first time on Blu ‑ Ray and the Ultimate 4K Ultra HD Edition.

In an indefinite future plagued by high unemployment and increasing acts of violence, thousands of young students are rebelling against Japanese society. The government then decides to set up the “Battle Royale” program. On an island placed under high military surveillance, promotions of young people are left to fend for themselves and forced to kill each other in order to survive.

A matrix film

Japanese genre cinema veteran Kinji Fukasaku (author of Morals cemetery and Combat without a code of honor) signed in 2001 one of his most violent and frightening opus in which Beat Takeshi played the role of a fearless and unforgettable drill sergeant. Two years later Battle Royale and the phenomenal success achieved by the film in Japan and around the world, Fukasaku put the cover back but died during the filming. The film will be continued and completed by his son …

This Ultimate edition concocted by M6 Vidéo, announced on November 24, will allow you to immerse yourself in this matrix film via many versions and goodies:

Battle Royale cinema version and long version, in Blu-Ray and 4K UHD (2000, 114 ‘/ 121’)

Battle Royale II : Requiem on Blu-Ray (2003, 133 ‘)

Battle Royale II : Requiem in Blu-Ray long version (2003, 151 ‘)

• Exclusive poster by Marc Aspinall

• A booklet on the saga (32 pages)

Released on November 24 at M6 Vidéo, supported by a few screenings in theaters all over France.

Update: the editor informs us that the output of Battle Royale Ultimate edition is postponed to December 1, 2021