beaten Charli D’Amelio, he is the most followed in the world

Khaby Lame is the new king of TikTok. His profile is the most followed in the world with 142.5 million followers, going to undermine the primacy of the American dancer Charli D’Amelio of about 300 thousand followers. For the 22-year-old from Chiavasso, Turin, she was a ‘record rise. The Italian content creator in June 2021 was “only” third on TikTok with 73.2 million followers and in one year he reached the top by doubling his followers.

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Fired in full pandemic from the factory where he worked as worker, almost for fun and to pass the time during the long days in lockdown, Khaby Lame has started to publish videos on TikTok. In these, she made fun of some tutorials, present on the net, in which very complicated solutions were shown to perform banal and everyday gestures, such as cutting an apple. And in a short time came the unexpected success that changed his life.

And success he really only arrived in March 2021, by which time his followers began to rise very quickly: in the last six months of that year he had earned 47 million. His skill was to continue to believe in what he was doing and to create increasingly viral and trendy content. Over time, in fact, Khaby continued to make videos like those that had made him famous, however he was also able to evolve and expand his contents with imitations and collaborations with important sports and entertainment figures, such as footballers Alessandro Del Piero, Paulo Dybalathe tennis player Alexander Zverev and the singer Ed Sheeran. Until you get to side activities such as the one that led him to become a testimonial of Hugo Boss for the spring-summer 2022 campaign.


Su TikTok, Khaby Lame was able to upset the ranking of the most followed in the world in just one year. He is Charli D’Amelio are the record holders, in a head to head that promises to continue for a long time. The direct pursuers, in fact, are detached from tens of thousands of followers. The singer of Filipino origins Bella Poarchwho became famous for dancing using only facial movements, is on the lowest step of the podium with 90.2 million of supporters. Addison RaeAmerican dancer, singer and actress, 88 million. In fifth position is the actor Will Smith con 72.3 million the follower.

Last updated: Thursday 23 June 2022, 15:24