Because of Scooter Braun, she is no longer allowed to play her own songs


21. November 2019 – 15:45 clock

Taylor Swift’s worst fears have come true: After Scooter Braun bought the rights to her older songs, she is no longer allowed to sing them live.

The dispute between Taylor Swift (29) and Scooter Braun (38) escalates again. After the music manager had bought the rights for her first six albums, the singer (‘Look What You Made Me Do’) was already in an uproar. Now their worst fears have come true: The new rights holders are putting a stop to TayTay.

No medley at the award ceremony

The superstar had actually planned to play a medley of his songs at the upcoming American Music Awards, which will take place in Los Angeles next weekend. Taylor Swift is set to be named Artist of the Decade at the awards ceremony. But nothing will come of it now, because Scooter Braun and the label boss Scott Borchetta see this as a new recording of their hits. TayTay has already announced that she wants to go to the studio again to do just that, but legally, she will not be allowed to start until next year. But that doesn’t stop Taylor Swift’s trouble.

Muzzle for Taylor Swift

The musician ventured on Twitter: “I didn’t really want you to find out that way, but Netflix made a documentary about me. Scott and Scooter have banned my old songs from being used in it, including concert recordings. ” Allegedly Taylor will only be allowed to use the tracks if she stops talking about Scooter and Scott and also agrees not to re-record her old material. The singer made it clear from the start that she intended to do just that. She also asked her fans for support: “Make them clear what you think about the matter. Scooter is also the manager of other artists, asks them for help. I hope they can bring him to his senses.” The manager also has Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande under his wing. Will they come to the rescue of Taylor Swift?

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