Because of this Doni Salmanan is becoming more famous : Okezone Celebrity

REMEMBER with Doni Salmanan, the YouTuber who went viral for donating Rp1 billion to Reza Arap some time ago? Not only exists as a generous YouTuber, Doni Salmanan has also succeeded in building a business empire.

At that time, Doni made a donation when Reza Arap was live streaming the Ragnarok X game through the YouTube channel.

No wonder he often holds giveaways as well as donations. Because Doni has a business empire in various fields.

Judging from his Instagram, Doni Salmanan is known to be a young entrepreneur or CEO from Bandung. In his bio, his name is written as ‘CEO of the Salmanan Group’ which manages Salmanan Production and there is also a coffee shop business.

Not only that, the new business empire he has successfully pioneered is the D Moon vape brand with Boedy JVS. No wonder he was full of wealth at a young age, 23 years to be exact.

Doni is very grateful for his greatest achievement in 2021. His dream has finally come true even though it was only planned at the end of this year.

“The plan to realize all of this has been initiated since September 2021, and finally realized at the end of November 2021,” Doni said at the D’MOON Fest: Ready to D’Moon event which was held in Bandung, West Java.

In building this business there is a symbol of the journey and struggle of Doni Salmanan’s life itself. Unexpectedly, he had experienced ups and downs in business, and even suffered losses.

“We have to fly, everyone should not be afraid to have sky-high ideals,” he said.