Before Adhisty Zara, these 3 women were reportedly close to Niko Al Hakim : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Rachel Vennya’s ex-husband, Niko Al Hakim into the public spotlight after the appearance of a video of a man suspected of kissing a woman similar to Adhisty Zara. The 10-second video was widely circulated on social media on Friday (30/7/2021).

Suspected video Niko Al Hakim and Adhisty Zara was originally uploaded to the Insta Story account @cintakitkat. The video looks shared for followers who are included in the category close friend (close friend).

Before the news broke, Niko Al Hakim was often reported to be close to a number of women after his divorce in February. Who are they? Here we present 3 women who have been reported to be close to Niko Al Hakim.

1. Lindsey Leslie Stuart


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The name of this woman became a hot conversation when Rachel and Niko’s marriage was on the brink. Netizens suspect, Lindsey is the 3rd person in their household.

The allegation arose because photos showing their togetherness circulated in cyberspace. However, Lindsey herself has denied that she is an affair.

2. DJ Danti Hanoum

DJ Danti Hanoum

The news of DJ Danti Hanoum’s closeness with Niko began when a Tik Tok video circulated saying a birthday for Danti, who called him close to the father of two.

Danti is even mentioned as Xabiru’s new mama. However, through IG Story, the woman dismissed the news of her closeness with Niko and called their relationship only friends.

3. Steffi Zamora

Steffi Zamora

The virtual world was shocked by the intimate portrait of Steffi Zamora and Niko. They do not hesitate to act like lovers.

Like the action of Niko holding Steffi to kiss the 20-year-old woman’s cheek. Many netizens suspect they are dating, but the two have never confirmed the news.