Being John Malkovich And 9 Other Films In Which The Actors Make Fun Of Themselves

When Hollywood celebrities are scrutinized by fans and the tabloids every day, it takes a special level of courage and guts to accept those same criticisms. Some take it to another level, not just by accepting criticism, but by playing a character on screen (sometimes playing themselves) in ways that make fun of themselves or become the butt of jokes.

Few actors have been willing to do so, but even fewer have done so to the extent that John Malkovich did in 1997 for the strange comedy film. Being John Malkovich.

10 Being John Malkovich – John Malkovich is being boring

Charlie Kaufman made a big bet by finishing his script by Being John Malkovich without having met his main character, not to say that he did not want another actor to be the protagonist – according to Variety – before the possibility that Malkovich said no.

Malkovich could have easily declined, given that his character is portrayed as boring and obnoxiously normal despite his celebrity status, to the point of having beer cans thrown at his head for being considered a joke. Fortunately, the real-life Malkovich enjoyed the humor and agreed to participate in what would be a three-time Oscar-nominated film.

9 Deadpool 1 and 2 – Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at his failures as a superhero1625927109 561 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

The two movies the Deadpool They have always been characterized by their self-conscious and foul-mouthed humor. Most of the time, that humor is directed at Ryan Reynolds and his career, specifically his starring roles in two major box office and critical failures in superhero movies: X-Men Origins: Wolverine Y Green Lantern.

Both films have acquired a notorious reputation among the worst superhero films ever made, and Reynolds is well aware of the criticism they received. Instead of ignoring them, Reynolds seizes every opportunity he can in the movies. the Deadpool to poke fun at those movies himself.

8 Keanu – Anna Faris is a crazy celebrity and drug addict1625927109 840 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

Keanu it’s an absurd movie in its own right. Prior to writing and directing his Oscar-winning Get Out, Jordan Peele starred alongside his colleague Keegan-Michael Key in two cousins ​​who care for a lost kitten and somehow fall under the spotlight of the mob and are forced to sell drugs.

Things get even more absurd when one of her buyers turns out to be Hollywood actress Anna Faris. Faris is known for playing ridiculous and unhinged characters, but that that character is actually an extension of herself as a drug-addicted, bloodthirsty lunatic makes things even more hilarious.

7 Jack and Jill – Al Pacino has a crush on Adam Sandler1625927109 891 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

With all his screaming and exaggerated performances in movies like El devil’s advocate, woman smell Y Scarface, Al Pacino created the perception that he was also crazy in real life. Pacino accepts that perception in Jack y Jill.

Al Pacino not only pokes fun at his own public image, but takes part in a goofy movie in which he portrays himself as a hapless actor in love with Adam Sandler in a woman’s dress, all while singing in an equally silly commercial from Dunkin ‘Donuts “Dunkaccino”. This is the same Oscar-winning actor who appeared in The Godfather, so it’s refreshing to see him take a break from the more serious movies to laugh at himself.

6 Jay and Silent Bob strike back – Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are sold1625927110 784 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

The biggest surprise for audiences may come from how the two mega-stars play exaggerated versions of themselves that are openly sold as they shoot an exaggerated sequel to Good Will Hunting call Hunting Season. Gus Van Sant deserves a special mention, who has a cameo as a director who does not care what happens on the set.

5 JCVD ​​- Van Damme wrecks his career1625927110 785 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

At least, that’s how Roger Ebert put it when he reviewed the film in 2008. In Ebert’s own words for his criticism, JCVD “destroy the race [de Jean-Claude Van Damme], his personal life, his martial arts skills, his financial stability and his image. “

In this painfully self-conscious crime drama, Van Damme plays himself, an aging former action star who can’t find a new job to save his life and is now broke and fighting his ex-wife for custody. of his son. His problems escalate when he finds himself in the middle of a post office robbery as a hostage. Audiences gained a new level of respect for Van Damme with this role, not only because of his amazing and excellent performance, but also because of the fact that he was willing to share such an intimate description of his life.

4 Spy – Jason Statham is not the tough guy he thought he was1625927110 1 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

Jason Statham has always been willingly pigeonholed into the prototypical action star role throughout his career. At first glance, it enters Spy in a similar role, but if you look further you are actually pigeonholed against the guy.

Statham hardly sees action in this movie, somehow he loses everything every time he enters the scene. And every time he finds himself in a dangerous situation, he either takes a back seat to Melissa McCarthy or exposes himself as a clumsy one. The movie is clearly aware of Statham’s reputation, and Statham is in on the joke.

3 The Interview – Eminem is aware of his criticism1625927111 631 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

Since he has a career in the rap industry, the biggest criticism of Eminem has been over his use of homophobic slurs in his songs. Eminem constantly defends himself by saying that he is not homophobic and, to this day, tries to regret his lyrics.

Eminem faces such criticism in The InterviewBut instead of offering his usual scathing tongue, he offers a version of himself that is actually gay, coming out of the closet on live television to James Franco’s David Skylark. The scene highlights Skylark as a journalist with a knack for getting big scoops, and Eminem suggests that any gay lyrics of his were actually an allusion to his own closet homosexuality.

2 Happy Gilmore – The price is wrong for Bob Barker1625927111 59 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

While not as derogatory as other performances on this list, Bob Barker uses his cameo in Happy Gilmore to poke fun at his own good-boy image. The man who spent 35 years telling contestants to come down on the stage of The price he just had the demeanor of the kindest old man on the planet.

However, Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore he was an aggressively competitive golfer hitting Adam Sandler in a singles match. Interestingly, according to Fox News, Barker only agreed to participate in the film if he was guaranteed to win the fight.

1 Bill Murray – Most of his filmography is him making fun of himself1625927111 243 Being John Malkovich and 9 other films in which the

If anyone can take a joke, it’s Bill Murray. Much of his career is devoted to portraying himself in movies, and most of these roles are not the most flattering of portraits.

Murray has played exaggerated versions of himself in Space Jam, She’s Having a Baby, A Very Murray Christmas. Most notable was his role in Zombieland, where he does not hesitate to mock his participation in the criticized film of Garfield, where he voices the main character.