Bela Jonathan Frizzy, Benny Simanjuntak: No Good Wife Hits Her Husband : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Uncle Jonathan Frizzy, Benny Simanjuntak regretted the actions of Dhena Devanka, his nephew’s wife, who was suspected of always being rude. He said he was always to blame.

“Never a good wife beats her husband. Never is a good wife always rude to her husband,” said Benny Simanjuntak when he was a guest star at the Hotman Paris Show on iNews Tv, Thursday (7/10/2021).


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Benny continued, he claimed Dhena Jonathan’s side. always feels hurt, then always acts rude to his nephew.

“If Ijonk (Jonathan) replies just a little, (Dhena) ‘you are bad to me, you are not a good husband'” he explained.

Meanwhile, Ijonk himself felt tired of the conditions in his household. Ijonk said he didn’t want to talk much.

“And I don’t want to share a lot, so let my friends judge,” he said.

Even though his household is on the brink and feels his wife hasn’t changed much, Ijonk and Dhena are still in the same house. He thought about the fate of his children if suddenly separated.

At first Ijonk and Dhena argued, and ended up being violent which was allegedly experienced by his own wife. He also told that Dhena had lifted a 15 kg barbell in front of her. Even the video that allegedly his wife lifted the heavy equipment was spread, and used as evidence.

Then he now chose to separate, because he couldn’t hold it anymore. Because all this time, said Ijonk, he had been silent and did not reply to anything and all reports were initiated by Dhena herself.

“Follow the flow,” he concluded.