Benedetta Parodi and Fabio Caressa, inconvenience in Lapland: “We didn’t need this”

Holidays below zero for Parodi bandage e Fabio Caressa. This year, the TV host managed to convince her entire family to spend the holiday season in Lapponia, to the delight of her husband who would have preferred a trip to the Caribbean. “And instead look where I took you …»Comments his wife amused.

The adventures for the Caressa family they started yesterday when, as soon as we landed at the airport of Rovaniemi, in Lapland, they had to deal with the former inconvenient.

“Let’s get off to a good start: a car for four people has arrived, there are five of us plus luggage and so we’re here for now – he explains Parodi bandage, as she looks disconsolately at the car -. How does he get us all. Maybe we will freeze to death in front of Rovaniemi airport waiting for someone to pick us up, maybe the reindeer. Good start!”. In the short video you can see the three children, Matilde, Eleonora and Diego, who try to resist the cold, hopping and braving each other.

After more than an hour of waiting, which the host tries to deceive with a small snack, consumed standing up while the thermometer read -11 degrees, a car reaches them at the airport and finally takes them to the resort. two bungalows scattered among the ice that Parodi and his family find alone. To the previous inconvenience is thus added another disservice of the accommodation facility: “It was tiring because they didn’t even take us to the room – says the exhausted wife of Fabio Caressa -, they dropped us at the reception with our luggage. We, -15 degrees without gloves and hats, looking for these bungalows without any indication. Nobody came to give us a hand, to explain how it works. A bit lacking in this, but in the end we did it and it’s not bad ».

Not even these inconveniences could ruin the start of a holiday for the Caressa family who, always serene and light-hearted, face every little mishap with a smile. Including this morning’s ride on the snow, which worried so much Fabio Caressa: «I’ve never been on a horse and I don’t feel exactly like John Wayne, but we will“. At -19 degrees, in the woods of Lapland.

Last updated: Sunday 26 December 2021, 3:48 pm