Best Mistake 3 Soon to be Produced, These 3 K-Pop Idols Are Invited to Become Main Actor : Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL Web drama Best Mistake entered the third season. Lee Eun Jae and Kang Yul from the previous season, will reprise their roles as Kim Yeon Doo and Ji Hyun Ho.

Reportedly, Wonpil ‘DAY6’, former IZ * ONE personnel Kang Hye Won, and Hyunsuk CIX will join the two actors. JYP Entertainment confirmed that the artist received the offer.

“Wonpil is very positively considering the offer to star in Best Mistake 3,” said the agency as quoted from Allkpop, Wednesday (21/7/2021). Unfortunately, Hye Won and Hyunsuk’s agencies have not yet responded to the news.

If Wonpil accepts this offer, then he will play Do Ye Seok, a handsome man who is smart and has a good personality. He often acts tough even though he actually has his own problems in life.

Kang Hye Won was invited to play Jin Se Hee, a student majoring in business who is known to be beautiful and smart. She is Do Ye Seok’s lover who chose to break up because of his financial condition.

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Jin Se Hee then teamed up with Ji Hyun Ho to get back with Do Ye Seok. Meanwhile, Hyunsuk received an offer to play Kim Dae Young, a student majoring in business who is known to be cheerful, easy to get along with, and wants romance like a story in a movie.

Kim Dae Young is told as Do Ye Seok’s best friend. So close, these two friends even decided to undergo military service at the same time.

Hyunsuk CIX was hooked to star in the web drama Best Mistake 3. (Photo: The Star)

If two seasons Best Mistake Previously focusing on the lives of Kim Yeon Doo (Lee Eun Jae) and Ji Hyun Ho (Kang Yul) as high school students, this third part will highlight their college life. The plot of this drama will show their growth from high school students to adults.

Web drama Best Mistake 3 will begin reading the first scenario at the end of August. While the shooting process will begin in early September 2021.*

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