Bezos Vs. Musk: Duel Beyond The Galaxies

America has a new Tombstone.

This Arizona town, four houses, flies and a lot of dust, recorded on October 26, 1881 the shooting in the OK Corral, one of the most famous in the old west. Passion of the strong , Spanish title of My Darling Clementine (1946), John Ford’s memorable film and masterpiece about that dispute, today has a sequel, without firearms but with tweets like bullets.

Jeff Bezos against (vs.) Elon Musk, by strict alphabetical order, has become a modern western that, without determining the role of the good or the bad, that each one judges, takes place between heaven and earth with overflowing luxury .

Musk celebrates being the richest man in the world by mocking Bezos, whom he tweeted a silver medal

The bottom line is summed up in that often-repeated argument to see who enjoys a greater fortune. Things of billionaires, who are not satisfied with being, but have to show off. That of “and me more.”

In a world increasingly marked by the social gap, by the rampant inequality between the rich and the rest, by the abandonment to their fate of those who missed the work train and mental health – just walk through the midtown of Manhattan, in the midst of syringes and disinherited as Dickens would say – it is understood that, observing the competition established by the two entrepreneurs, some resort to one of the sentences of another writer, Jean Cocteau: “Stupidity is always amazing, it does not matter how used you are ”.

Jeff Bezos


Bezos, discoverer of that diamond mine called Amazon, and Musk, the visionary of Tesla electric vehicles who unhinges the automotive establishment, are taking their toll.

The Forbes list a few days ago named Musk the richest man on the planet (222,000 million dollars), the third to exceed the 200,000 million barrier. And he celebrated it with a tweet dedicated to his nemesis. “I am sending a giant statue with the digit 2 to Jeffrey B., along with a silver medal,” he wrote.

Bezos replied, which has a value of 191,000 million, always based on stock market volatility, in these terms: “… Don’t let anyone tell you who you are … Amazon is one of the most successful companies and has revolutionized two totally different industries ”.

Before long, Musk replied with an emoji of his fiancée silver medal.

His grief is not only earthly. They are also in a galactic fight with their parallel companies, Blue Origin and Space X, respectively.

The founder of the digital supermarket scored a great advertising goal this week. Your ship New Shepard took William Shatner, the 90-year-old actor who has spent much of his life pretending he lived in space, to the edge of space in his role as Captain James Kirk in Stark Trek .

Elon Musk


Bezos himself made a raid last July. Shatner made his dream come true, and he is already the oldest astronaut in real history. Musk, who has not yet tried to embark, offered his best wishes to Captain Kirk, although it made his rival’s initiatives ugly. Those flights are a joke, he said. What is revolutionary is what his Space X achieved in September, with four passengers orbiting the earth for three days, not ten minutes.

In American society there is debate about the meaning of all this. The space race awakens admirers for the epic it entails, the latest adventure. Defenders speak of advancement for humanity. But criticism is also heard because those rockets are toys available to a few loaded with dollars, while the majority travel through the pedestrian hardships.

One of those who has raised the tone in this controversy is not exactly a trade unionist. “We need the best brains to try to repair this planet instead of finding the next place to go to live … They should focus on saving the earth before setting out to conquer space,” Prince William of England told the BBC .

Real word at OK Corral.