Big Brother Vip, Soleil and Miriana fight over a curling iron: “I understand menopause …”

Sparks in the house of Big Brother Vip between Soleil e Miriana Trevisan. And all for a trivial curling irons. The showgirl was in the room resting and was suddenly awakened by the voice of theItalian-American influencer angry because the curling iron it was dirty.

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GFVip, quarrel between Soleil and Miriana

“Here, please. Remove the keratin from the iron. How did you not use it? Either you or Clarissa or Jessica, who said. Haven’t you ever used the big one there? “Soleil railed. Trevisan denied and disapproved of the roommate’s attitude by talking to the others: «I was sleeping, I was also scared … But do you realize? What are we becoming, the mafia? I’m sorry it has nothing to do with the fact that there is Soleil in the middle, but I find it terrifyingly serious to put such a theme in the middle for what then?»

GFVip, quarrel between Soleil and Miriana

“I went to every single person in the House to ask. You are the only one with dark extensions, but no one who has used this iron. If one has used this iron she will remember it. It really is a hallucinating stuff “Soleil added. The face to face then escalated into a furious quarrel. “Sun, can I ask you something? Don’t yell at me like that anymore. It’s clear? Because I got scared, I was sleeping “Miriana said urging a piqued response. «I thought you were here, instead you were there, but calm down, otherwise I really start screaming. Is not the day. I called you as you scream in here. Now I scared you and I woke you up. ‘A false! I really can’t take it anymore “. «The false one is you and you are also arrogant and bad. You are really mean to people. Don’t talk to me stupidReplies. So Soleil Sorge invited her to go back to sleep: «She wakes up nervous and sclera. I understand menopause, but calm down aunt. “

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