Billie Eilish Almost Died While Infected With Covid-19 : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Billie Eilish believes vaccinations will help her get through the Covid-19 that hit her body in August 2021.

This was revealed by the ‘Happier Than Ever’ singer during his appearance on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show on Monday (12/13/2021) where Billie talked about his fight against the virus.

The topic of Covid-19 came up when Billie coughed during an interview, prompting host Howard to ask the singer if he had Covid.

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“I just got tested and I don’t have Covid. I also have Covid. No one knows that. But fuck it, man,” said Billie quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia from Aceshowbiz, Tuesday (14/12/2021).

Billie then revealed that he had contracted the corona virus in August 2021 and then said that he could have died if he had not been vaccinated.

“I still have side effects, I was sick for almost two months which was in August, a few months ago. I want to be clear that it’s because of the vaccine, I’m fine. I think if I wasn’t vaccinated, I would, like , die, because it is bad”, he said.

“When I say it’s bad, I mean more that it feels really terrible. But actually, in the Covid scheme, it’s not bad. You know what I mean? When you’re sick, you feel really bad,” added Billie explaining the many psychological effects experienced by patients with the virus.

Billie then praised the Covid vaccination as something very extraordinary, where he also revealed that it was not only his personal judgment but also based on the experiences of those around him.

“This vaccine is really amazing and it also saved my brother Finneas, and it also saved my parents, saved my friends from getting it or getting worse when they got it,” he explained.