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JAKARTA – Biodata and religion Princess Beiby became the information that the public sought from his figure when he was rumored to be involved in drug cases. He was born in Lampung, 29 years ago and adheres to Islam.

Beiby started her career as a model at the Beauty Faces of Exotics which was held by one of the brand famous cosmetics company in 2011. Since then, she has been active in the world modeling.

Biography and Religion of Beiby Putri.

Beiby Putri’s sexy appearance became one of the attractions that made her personal Instagram account, @bpofficial92, followed by more than 44,000 followers. Through that account, he often shares his daily activities to various sexy photos.

In addition, he also likes to upload various wise quotes through his personal Instagram account. Finally, he uploaded a popular sentence from motivator Mario Teguh about the belief that sustenance will come.

However, Beiby Putri’s name was in the public spotlight after being caught in a drug case. He was secured by the police at the Bassura City Apartment, East Jakarta, on February 5, 2021.

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From the location of the arrest, the police found two plastic clips containing white powder. One clip contained 0.20 grams of crystal methamphetamine and the other 1.85 grams of white powder, which had no narcotic content detected.

Biography and religion of Beiby Putri. (Photo: Instagram/@bpofficial92)

Biography and Religion of Beiby Putri.

After undergoing an examination, the results of Beiby Putri’s urine test showed that she was positive for consuming methamphetamine.*

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