Biography and Religion of Gabor Edelenyi, Father of Laura Anna Celebrity Who Died : Okezone Celebrity

GABOR Edelenyi, Laura Anna’s father, was the most in the public eye during the consolation process until she buried the ashes of the princess’s body. The following is a complete biodata and religion of Gabor Edelenyi, Laura Anna’s father.

The man who is familiarly called Papa Gabor by his daughter and friends often shows his closeness to Laura Anna. While floating the ashes, Laura’s friends, including Erika Carlina, showed the expression of a man born on May 9, 1948.

Although his puffy eyes couldn’t lie about the sadness he felt, Gabor tried his best and was alert to take his daughter to her final rest. Every now and then he smiled at the guests who were present to pay homage to his daughter.

Talking about religion, Gabor is a Christian. He is known as a loving person and has a closer relationship with his second daughter, Laura Anna. Not infrequently, during her life, Laura shared moments of her closeness with her father.

Regarding romance, even though he is no longer young, Gabor still has a very sweet relationship with his wife. Gabor is married to a woman of Indonesian blood named Ameilia and has 3 daughters and 1 son. Through several uploads uploaded by Ameilia through her Instagram account, it seems that Laura’s parents are still happy to share laughter together.

Unfortunately, during his lifetime, Gabor was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer which required intensive treatment. The Hungarian blooded man also had time to get surgery. Therefore, on the day the princess was released, she still had to wear a tube around her neck.