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JAKARTA – Biodata and religion Millen Cyrus be the information sought from the nephew of this singer Ashanty. Born Muhammad Millendaru Prakasa Samudro, Millen is the second of three children from Hambali Samudero and Rahma Aisyah.

Since childhood, she admits, has felt herself as a woman. As an adult, she decided to become transgender and change her appearance like a woman in general.

Biography and religion of Millen Cyrus.

Even so, Millen Cyrus ensures that he will not undergo genital surgery to perfect his appearance as a woman. In fact, until now he admits that he still prays as a man.

“Even now, I pray still wearing a sarong. In accordance with my nature,” said the 22-year-old celebrity to Atta Halilintar in February 2021.

In terms of career, Millen is not only known as a celebrity. He once explored the world of acting, starring in a web series called Boundary Law, in 2019. He is also exploring the business world by selling e-cigarettes or vaping.

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Popularity in fact had time to make Millen Cyrus dealing with the law. He has been involved in pornography cases, violations of the ITE Law, to drugs. He underwent rehabilitation in accordance with the recommendations of the North Jakarta City National Narcotics Agency because he was found to have consumed benzo-type drugs.

Biography and religion of Millen Cyrus. (Photo: Instagram/@millencyrus)

Biography and religion of Millen Cyrus.

But all these problems did not make Millen fall. After completing her rehabilitation period, she participated in the Miss Queen Indonesia 2021 event and came out as the winner. That way, Millen Cyrus will represent Indonesia at the Miss Queen International 2022 event in Thailand.*

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