‘Bitter Land’: The Curiosities, The Actors And Everything You Need To Know About The New Turkish Fashion Series

A death begins a tragic love story: this is how it begins Bitter Land, the Turkish series that appears as the next great premiere of the genre in our country, at a time when the productions of the Ottoman country have become a true mass phenomenon. With ingredients beyond romanticism such as revenge, jealousy, betrayal and family problems, the presentation of the telenovela that has already triumphed in more than thirty different nations it can be seen on Antena 3 on Sunday night. Later, the emision of Bitter land it will take place from Monday to Friday in the afternoon time slot. With top-level actors such as Vahide Perçin, known for other titles with a large number of followers in Spain such as Mother, Bitter land tells the adventures of Züleyha Altun (Hilal Altınbilek) and Yilmaz Akkaya (Uğur Güneş) and how they have to face fate in order to be happy together.

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Bitter land is set in the 1970s and begins in Istanbul, where Züleyha and Yilmaz live happily and in love until a crime resulting from an attempted sexual abuse changes their lives forever. Both will be forced to leave their past and their true identities behind to protect their lives and fate leads them to Adana, where they will start a new life as workers in the lands of the house of Demir (Murat Ünalmis) and his mother Hünkar. (Vahide Perçin) posing as brothers.

Who is who in ‘Bitter Land’?

Fans of Turkish series have most likely recognized the face of Vahide Rivet among the cast of Bitter land, one of the most popular and reputable actresses of the genre in her country and who, among other roles she has in her career, is that of Gönül Aslan, in the also successful Mother. In this new series he gives life to Hünkar, the rich owner of a farm in Çukurova, where he lives with his son Demir and in which the leading couple begin to live and work, while they hide in their flight. Hünkar Yaman is a 60-year-old widow and is the matriarch of the Yaman, the most powerful family in Adana. Her strong character has made her the most respected and powerful woman in the area and her only goal is for her son to have descendants who can continue the family empire.


As for the actress who embodies her, Vahide Perçin, in addition to being one of the main characters in Bitter land O Mother, has also been part of Feriha’s Secret. In his curriculum he also has eight film titles, of which he is one of the main faces in six, as well as in television series and plays.

Hilal Altınbilek in screw to Züleyha Altun, the brave female protagonist of Bitter land, whose goal is to live happily and calmly next to the love of her life, Yilmaz. Züleyha is a 25-year-old girl who lives alone with her stepbrother who makes her life impossible due to problems derived from gambling addiction, which leads to the fatal outcome from which she and her boyfriend must flee. As for the actress who plays her, Hilal Altınbilek has achieved great success in her country thanks to several television series, the most important being Black Rose O Black rose. Now, Bitter land It has been a leap to international stardom and there are already those who call her “the Turkish Angelina Jolie”, for its great beauty.


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Yilmaz Akkaya es el enamorado de Züleyha, a young man willing to do anything for love and played by Uğur Güneş. He is a popular actor in Turkey since he triumphed in 2015 thanks to series titles such as Resurrection O Ertugrul, of the eight in which he has participated and for which he has won different awards in his native country.


Another of the essential characters in Tierra Amarga is Demir Yaman, Hünkar at el hijo and the sole heir to the most powerful family in Adana, who he will fall in love with Züleyha, totally unaware that her heart is already occupied. He is a modern man and passionate about his work, to which he dedicates most of his life, since he aims to bring mechanization to agriculture to become the most powerful man in the city. However, his life takes a radical turn when he meets the protagonist.

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Facts you should know about ‘Bitter Land’

It is one of the Turkish series with the longest international tour, after being a phenomenon of audiences in its country of origin, and it has already triumphed in more than thirty countries, in Europe and Latin America.

In the production of its three seasons, a team of more than 500 professionals has participated. Among them, especially highlights the work of the wardrobe team that transports the viewer directly to the seventies and appears as one of the most applauded points of Bitter land.

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The locations constitute another focus of the best reviews of this Ottoman soap opera. Although, for the most part, the series is shot in Adana, where the story takes place and where the house of Demir and his mother Hünkar is located. It is a real town and is the fifth most populous in Turkey.

The original name in de Bitter land turkish is Once Upon a Time Cukurova which literally translated into Spanish would be Once upon a time in Çukurova. However, in countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay or Paraguay they chose the same title with which it is presented in our country, while in other Spanish-speaking places, such as Argentina, it is known Zuleyha, the name of the protagonist.


How many chapters does ‘Tierra Amarga’ have?

Bitter land It is presented as one of the longest Turkish series of those that have been broadcast in our country to date. It has three seasons, with 35, 28 and 39 episodes each, respectively, in addition each chapter lasts approximately two hours. For this reason, the possibility of shorter versions being broadcast is not ruled out, which may prolong the broadcast of the series in time. Such is the success of Bitter land that the possibility of a fourth season is not ruled out, although at the moment it has not been confirmed.

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