“Blood Red Sky”: Ending Explained Of The Netflix Movie

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Directed by Peter Thorwarth with the script by Stefan Holtz, “Blood Red Sky” (“Blood Red Sky” in its original language) is a film by Netflix which follows Nadja, a woman with a mysterious blood disease who is forced into action when a group of criminals hijacks a night transatlantic flight.

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In order to protect her son, she will have to reveal her dark secret and unleash the inner monster that she has always tried to hide. Meanwhile, the criminals pretend that the plane was taken as a terrorist.

“Blood Red Sky” begins with the plane landing in Scotland as the military prepares to intervene on suspected terrorists. The first to go down is Elías, Nadja’s youngest son, but what happened to the kidnappers and the protagonists from the moment they took off?

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Apparently Nadja suffers from leukemia and must travel to the United States to receive adequate treatment, however, on the plane he is kidnapped and when she chases her son, who tries to hide, the most sadistic of criminals shoots her mercilessly. The widow looks like death, but soon after wakes up with a thirst for blood.

Nadja must reveal her dark secret to protect her son (Photo: Netflix)


How did Nadja become a vampire? In the middle of a family outing, the vehicle breaks down and Elías’s father goes out to seek help, but does not return. Nadja goes out to look for him and comes across the corpse of her husband and is attacked by a vampire. Although he survived, he received a bite that turned his life into hell.

The protagonist of “Blood red sky”He tries to control his instincts, however, he knows that it is the only way to save his son, so the hunt begins. After murdering one of the criminals, he manages to change the course of the plane with the help of a young apprentice pilot.

However, they are still in danger, as the most sadistic of criminals injects himself with Nadja’s blood and turned into a vampire threatens to kill all the passengers. Despite the widow’s attempts to stop him, the vampire manages to escape and the massacre breaks out.

Nadja manages to get rid of the sadistic character, but is seriously injured. To save her, Elías cuts off her hand and offers her his blood. When the plane lands Farid tries to convince the authorities that he is not a terrorist, but it is useless.

Nadja sacrifices herself to save her son and end his curse (Photo: Netflix)
Nadja sacrifices herself to save her son and end his curse (Photo: Netflix)


Nadja’s plan is to blow up a plane to stop the vampires from escaping, but she needs Farid to make it out alive and fulfill her promise to take care of Elías. The boy explains what happened, but as expected, the authorities do not believe his story and order Farid to be killed and to enter the plane.

When the military enters the plane they face a terrifying scenario and finally death. Elias escapes from an ambulance and returns to the plane, seeing his mother feeding on a runaway soldier and activates the detonator and kills all the vampires, including his Nadja.

Seeing that the vampires were not an invention of the child, the general orders the release of Farid, who runs and hugs Elias, that’s how it ends “Blood red sky”, But some questions remained in the air, what was the original plan of the kidnappers? A passenger thinks they wanted to crash the plane to upset the stock market.

Farid survived the end of "Blood red sky" and he must fulfill the promise he made to Nadja (Photo: Netflix)
Farid survived the end of “Blood Red Sky” and must fulfill the promise he made to Nadja (Photo: Netflix)