Booba comments on the Brahim Bouhlel affair and once again claims “Validated”

He takes the opportunity to provoke Frank Gastambide …

The trial of Brahim Bouhlel in Morocco did not take place and was postponed to April 21. Booba, always so provocative took advantage of the announcement of the postponement to make fun of the actor of “Validated” and Frank Gastambide at the same time.

For a week, Brahim Bouhlel and the influencer Zbarbooking are in prison in Marrakesh. They face a sentence of up to five years in prison. It all started when the actor of the most viewed French series in 2020, the influencer and the comedian Hedi Bouchenafa posted a video that shocked the Internet. In the sequence, the three make fun of the Moroccans and three children without restraint. A disturbing video that immediately caused controversy on social networks and provoked the indignation of an entire community, in Morocco as in France.

It did not take long for justice to get involved and for Brahim Bouhlel and Zbarbooking to be placed in police custody and prosecuted for embezzlement of a minor and video broadcasting of a person without his consent. Hedi Bouchenafa for his part returned to France quickly and found himself under an international arrest warrant. Even if a public apology has been presented, Moroccan justice does not intend to let this go. The two accomplices arrested in Morocco have been in prison for seven days and their trial, which was to take place on Wednesday April 14, has been postponed until April 21.. They will have to remain in detention until the hearing since their request for parole was refused.

This affair made many rappers react. Niro (who never hesitates to give rants), Maes, Rohff or Booba were indignant. But the Duke did more than that. Always with the humor we know him, he had fun with the situation, he who loves to clash Frank Gastambide and the series “Validated”. On its networks, B2O posted a photo montage with Brahim Bouhlel and in the caption: “When you’re still waiting for Frankie-X’s tenure”, in reference to the director who is currently preparing season 2 of “Validated”. In a second story, he calls out to Franck Gastambide and asks him: “Are you going to go see him in the parlu?”. Not sure he gets an answer, but in any case Booba knows how to press where it hurts …