Boy William Challenges Luna Maya and Yuki Kato Using Elementary School Problems: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Apart from presenters, Boy William He is also well-known as a content creator who often dominates Indonesian YouTube trends. After being successful with exciting content such as “Nebeng Boy”, “5 Minutes Aja”, and “Behind the Door”, now Boy William presents new content that is no less interesting.

Previously, Boy William invited two businessmen from Indonesia, namely Rudy Salim and Koko Jackson to have fun together at “UNBW” aka “Boy WIlliam National Examination”. This time Boy invites two beautiful celebrities, namely Luna Maya and Yuki Kato to join “UNBW”.


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To Luna Maya and Yuki Kato, Boy gave some questions from the elementary school level. If someone answers correctly, the participant will get 1 point. Before starting, Yuki Kato admitted that he was nervous about Boy’s questions.

“Grade 1 to grade 6 SD I rank continuously, junior high school to high school goodbye“said Luna Maya.

“Lucky this is an elementary question,” said Boy William.

“I’m sure my score is high,” said Yuki Kato.

The first question from Boy William is the richest person in Indonesia. Luna Maya and Yuki Kato both have not managed to answer correctly. Funny thing is, Yuki Kato answered spontaneously, “Yuki Kato can I?”, laughing.

In the second question, both of them have not succeeded in answering the physics formula. Then on the fifth question, Yuki Kato and Luna Maya got a draw score of 2:2. In the end, Luna Maya won with a score of 13 while Yuki Kato with a score of 12. For those who are curious, let’s see the full video only on the BW YouTube channel!