Boy William or Angga Yunanda, Peek at Laura Kiehl’s Love Answer! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Boy William is back with an exciting game on his YouTube channel, “5 Minutes Only”. This time he invited actress and singer Cinta Laura Kiehl. The beautiful woman of Indonesian-German descent will answer the exciting questions asked by Boy.

Boy also asked if Cinta could make a celebrity gang, who would she invite to join. Cinta immediately answered that she would invite Boy William, Deddy Corbuzier, Luna Maya, Angela Gilsha, and Yuki Kato.

Then Cinta asked Boy the same question. Boy also answered that he wanted to form a gang with Hotman Paris, Raffi Ahmad, Cinta Laura Kiehl, and Gilang ‘Juragan 99’.

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“And then one more, Lucinta Luna” jawab Boy.

“Not Barbie Kumala?” asked Cinta which was greeted with laughter by Boy.

Then Boy asked which one Love would prefer, Boy William or Angga Yunanda. Without hesitation, Cinta definitely answered that the man she had chosen was Boy William.

Let’s watch the excitement of the two only on Boy William’s YouTube channel!

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