Brazil lists the gieffina as Monday’s favorite

Brazil pro Soleil Rises. From last night on Twitter Brazilian users, especially fans of Dayane Mello, who are mobilizing to save the gieffina of the sixth edition. The motivation is due to the fact that Soleil is a friend of Dayane Mello. A friendship that began with many difficulties.

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Soleil Sorge and Dayane Mello met a Beijing Express, where they have quarreled all time. After the program, however, she was born friendship, the two found each other and discovered that they were more similar than they thought. Their friendship could now benefit Soleil, who actually seems to refer to Dayane’s path in the House not only for the votes from Brazil. La Sorge seems emulate Mello in various aspects, such as being the provocateur of the House. Actually this is part of his character, Soleil is well known for its provocative and not at all easy character, but at times it seemed to want to imitate Dayane also passing by victim of the group.

Last night Soleil Sorge was nominated for the first time. It is not an elimination televoting, but the favorite will have immunity next Monday and the task of directly sending one of the other Vipponi nominated to the televoting. Apparently they would like to give Soleil the dream of being there favorite of the public, and give it even more security. If what the commentators give you are not enough. The fact is that the Brazilian fans of Dayane Mello are saving Soleil Sorge.

Last year there was one real revolt by the public Italian against the votes from Brazil, attracting the attention of even Agcom, but with poor results given that Brazil continued to vote, with tricks. But, in the end, Dayane didn’t even make it to the podium, so Brazil can do little even during the flash televoting. This teaches the story (of reality), but the fact remains that Soleil Sorge at GF Vip 6 could go further than the Italian public would like thanks to the Brazilians.

Last update: Saturday 16 October 2021, 15:30