Breaking News: David Noah Claims to Borrow IDR 1.15 Billion for Business Affairs : Okezone Celebrity

DAVID NOAH, accompanied by his attorney, Hendra Prawira, revealed the facts of allegations of fraud and embezzlement of Rp1.15 billion, which was reported by Lina Yunita.

According to Hendra, David did indeed borrow the money, but not personally. But for the company’s needs, because at that time David’s position as director of communications.

“David works as a director at company A, but what is growing in the news is that David commits fraudulent money loans and others,” Hendra said in a virtual press conference, Friday (13/8/2021).

“The data shows that the loan is carried out with David’s capacity as director of communications at company A, which functions as public relations (PR),” he continued.

The money didn’t go into David’s personal account either, but directly into the company’s account. So he denied the NOAH keyboardist’s accusation of embezzling funds.

“The loan was carried out with David’s capacity as director of company A, not as David personally, let alone enjoying the money. It was purely for the development of company A,” said Hendra.

After borrowing money, the company’s agreed-upon project withdrew in the middle for some reason. According to David, the company had already paid off its debt to Lina.

But in the middle of the road, one by one his friends left the road leaving responsibility. It was David who finally tried to find additional money to replace the debt to Lina to collect Rp500 million which was finally rejected.

“It’s not that I don’t want to pay in installments, because the last party there (asked) to be repaid and the money that I was looking for has not arrived. Before this was big on the media, we had mediated a modest offer, Rp. 500 million, “said David.

As is known, David NOAH was reported by Lina Yunita to the Polda Metro Jaya on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement of Rp1.15 billion in funds. David is said to have not agreed to a refund agreement within 8 months.