Brest. Inexpensive And Inclusive: At La Cantoche Restaurant, The Price Of The Menu Varies According To Income

The chef of La Cantoche in Brest, Pierre Leguay, supported by volunteers. (© Côté Brest)

This Thursday on the menu of La Cantoche To Brest : sautéed beef with vegetables or bolognese. Babeth peels the carrots, Marie-Annick manages the sardine butter offered as a starter. The chef, Pierre Leguay, takes care of the meat. Tasks performed in a good mood. Laughter erupts in the kitchen of the restaurant, located in the Recouvrance district.

The associative and solidarity establishment reopened its doors on September 6 after long months of closure linked to the health crisis. Only take-away was ensured during this delicate period. Today, the volunteers are happy to welcome customers back to their den. But the crisis has left its mark: “Not all people have returned,” notes Chantal Boulic, vice-president of the association. The compulsory health pass does not help matters. “

The restaurant has a capacity of 66 seats (74 excluding health regulations). About 25 are currently served per day.

Adapted rates

“Everyone eats the same thing but not all pay the same price,” explains Chantal Boulic. The classic price for a menu (starter, main course, cheese or dessert) is set at 10 euros. Depending on income (on presentation of supporting documents), it can increase to 2, 4 or 6 euros. For children under 10, it’s one euro and 2 euros for 10-14 year olds. For high school and college students, the menu is 4 euros.

“The aim is to offer a hot and balanced meal to people who cannot afford it or cannot afford to cook. “

The vice-president insists on the importance of social diversity: “The restaurant is open to everyone. “Wealthy or not.

According to arrivals

The association collects unsold items from various establishments (Leclerc stores, central kitchen, etc.) to prepare meals. It is up to the chef to improvise according to the collection of the day. “I like that”, smiles Pierre Leguay, the only employee of the association.

La Cantoche, open since 2016, first installed at the Pilier rouge before joining Recouvrance in 2018, relies on around thirty volunteers. Ten more would be welcome to work more calmly. Cooking, diving, serving… there is no shortage of missions.

Amelia Thomas

Practical information
La Cantoche, 51 rue de la Porte in Brest. Open Monday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Take away by reservation.
Phone. 06 30 75 66 52 or 09 87 36 32 30.

Books at Sapristi

Created in June 2019, the Sapristi association did not take long to find its audience. Thanks to the donations that flow in every week, everyone can come and buy, for 3 euros on average, novels, manga, comics, old books, CDs, DVDs… So much for the cheap side. Solidarity ? “We have around forty volunteers, some of whom are socially isolated, with disabilities … We allow them to resume an activity, a rhythm, through volunteering”, answers Baptiste Davout, initiator of Sapristi. In a few days, a woman with a disability, working in an Esat, will be seconded to the bookstore for a few hours a week. The goal of the association is to eventually employ several disabled people.
Sapristi plans to open a second room at Pam, rue Pasteur, at the end of 2022.
Julien saliou

> Sapristi, 10 rue de la Porte in Brest. Open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


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