Called an unstable teenager who married at the age of 21, Aditya Zoni: Age is just a number: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Actor Aditya Zoni and celebgram from Malaysia, Yasmine Ow seems ready to take the next step. They will have their wedding this month.

Aditya Zoni even revealed that his wedding preparations had reached 70 percent. Not only material matters, Ammar Zoni’s younger brother admitted that he was mentally ready to become a husband.

“Indeed, being a husband is not only responsible, only to make the wife happy, not only to give love but also to be mentally prepared,” Aditya Zoni told the media crew recently in Jakarta.


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Actually, Aditya Zoni is still often called an unstable teenager by the people around him because he decided to marry young, which is 21 years old. Not a few doubted the seriousness of Irish Bella’s sister-in-law when she steadily advanced to marriage with Yasmine Ow.

However, he always tries to change people’s view of it. According to him, age is just a number, while maturity is a personality that can be formed from an early age.

“I am still 21 years old and Yasmine is still 20 years old, many people say they are still unstable. But how do we change that mindset,” explained Aditya Zoni.

“And you really have to be prepared mentally. Thank God, God willing, the two of us have talked too, and God willing, age is just a number,” he continued.

Aditya Zoni himself is very sure Yasmine Ow is the right choice. Zoe Abbas’s ex-lover even felt that his future wife was the person he had really needed all this time.

“I see that Yasmine is the person I really need. Really, really, really can guide me in the future,” said Aditya Zoni.

The plan, Aditya Zoni and Yasmine Ow will hold a wedding reception in two countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia. Not without reason, because Yasmine’s family could not attend the reception which was held by Indonesia. Reportedly, the couple’s marriage contract will carry Sundanese customs following Aditya Zoni’s mother.

But unfortunately, Aditya Zoni has not divulged the exact date of his wedding. However, he revealed that he would marry Yasmine Ow in January 2022.