Cheap Gas Contract: Time For The Duel Between VP Gaz De Bordeaux And Engie

Today, we are not in the lace. On both sides, two heavyweights are opposed today with, for any ring, the French gas market. We are of course talking here about the private sale of Gaz de Bordeaux and the historical supplier Engie. It has often been said, for some time, that gas will die, at the all-electric hour. In fact, it is not. Cheap gas contracts are still very useful for a large part of the French population. It is in this configuration that the major energy suppliers are constantly lining up attractive offers with big discounts. On the one hand, we have the private sale of the local and responsible supplier of Gaz de Bordeaux; on the other, the giant Engie. But which one is currently the most interesting for the consumer? This is what we will try to explain to you. Focus.

Private sale: Gaz de Bordeaux aligns a very nice discount on its cheap gas contract

First of all, a gas bill, in general, it’s really not very complicated to understand. For those who do not know about it, it is simply a question ofa subscription, personal gas consumption and taxes. In fact, the subscription depends on the level of consumption and the geographical area in which the consuming household is located. As for consumption, it is simply measured in kWh of gas. Finally, taxes and other contributions, they are fixed and apply in TICGN, VAT or even in CTA.

To come back to what interests us here, Gaz de Bordeaux has a very good gas contract. During the renewal of its private sale on natural gas, it rains and shines on the site. The inexpensive gas subscription is 8.62 € / month including tax for hypothetical consumption of less than 6 MWh per year. For any higher consumption, the subscription will cost 21.26 € TTC / month. By choosing this energy supplier, you are buying local and green gas.

In order to make the most of the Bordeaux Gaz private sale, and the 30% discount on its cheap gas contract, time is running out: until July 31.

Bordeaux gas
Promotions on gas contracts for energy suppliers

Rate/ month

01 82 82 61 15

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Regarding the price of kWh, they are really interesting because at Gaz de Bordeaux, a discount is underway. This is a 30% reduction on the price excluding VAT per kWh of gas. To be more precise, it is of the order of 6.74 € cts including tax per kWh of gas for a consumption of less than 6 MWh / year. Rebelote, for higher consumption, the prices are included in a range going from 4.77 € cts including tax to 5.05 € cts including tax per kWh. With this kind of price, it is possible to save up to 358 € / year.

One of the peculiarities of the French supplier is that the future Gaz de Bordeaux users receive a Kdobox. This includes a whole range of culinary specialties from Bordeaux, the region of origin of the company. This is a welcome gesture and appreciated by Gaz de Bordeaux customers. It is also a way for the supplier to present itself as an energy player deeply rooted in the local area. For more information on this welcome gift, we advise you to contact Gaz de Bordeaux customer service. They will be happy to assist you.

All in all, what to remember from the cheap gas contract of the VP Gaz de Bordeaux:

  • fixed prices for 3 years and an offer reserved only for new customers;
  • again, exclusive benefits included such as a Kdobox with Bordeaux specialties;
  • the choice of green, local and inexpensive gas that makes the French economy work;
  • also, French customer service, friendly, efficient and available all week;
  • finally, a 100% non-binding cheap gas contract that can be terminated free of charge.
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With the historical supplier Engie, control your gas consumption much better!

Engie is a historical energy supplier in France. To put it differently, it is the benchmark value of the best gas contracts in the country, and has been for a long time. However, with the increase in TRVs in early July – what are commonly referred to as the regulated tariffs in effect – is this still the case? The tariff schedules for Engie’s “2-year guaranteed” gas contract are clear on the subject and provide an answer to the question asked.

Engage the energy supplier gas contract

Supplier history Engie has aligned 2 offers for its inexpensive gas contract: which one will you choose between the simple and the “My Pilotage” service?


Rate/ month

02 90 22 53 54

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If you take a Base or B0 subscription, i.e. an annual consumption of less than 6 MWh, Engie’s gas subscription is € 111.87 incl., i.e. approximately € 9.33 / month including tax. For any consumption greater than 6 MWh, the tariff starts from € 248.72 including tax and changes gradually as consumption increases. For more information on price lists, we advise you to contact Engie customer service directly.

It is possible to take another gas contract, the “Mon Pilotage” offer. In addition to the advantages offered by the “Gas 2-year warranty” offer, an intelligent thermostat with intelligent regulation – the Netatmo – is available for rental for € 3 / month including tax. It is also possible to own it, for a fee. This regulator optimizes gas requirements and therefore saves money while doing a nice gesture for the planet which really needs it. It is therefore a very good way to reduce energy consumption. Remotely from his phone, for example, regulating the heat of the home, whatever the weather, will no longer be a problem.

Finally, customers have the opportunity to subscribe online. They thus save time and receive their “Gas Guarantee 2 years” contract by e-mail. They just have to bring the housing bill and their bank details. Once this information is in hand, it is possible to subscribe in 5 minutes, watch in hand.

The beautiful cheap gas contract from the historical supplier Engie, roughly speaking:

  • the price promise per kWH of gas blocked and therefore fixed for a minimum of two years;
  • the possibility between 2 types of contract, a simple one and another allowing to control its consumption;
  • more precisely with a Netatmot smart thermostat with the “My piloting” contract;
  • a quick quote and a subscription in less than 5 minutes top time;
  • lastly, a 100% inexpensive gas contract with no cancellable commitment at no additional cost.
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