Cheaper Fuel, End Of Thermal In 2030, The Hidalgo Program

Between the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and motorists, it’s not really a love story. Progressive ban on the circulation of thermal vehicles during the week (until Crit’Air 4 currently, the next step is Crit’Air 3 in July 2022), increase in the price of parking and elimination of thousands of spaces, reduction of the speed limit, etc. We no longer count the anti-car measures implemented by the elected PS, of which only about 30% of citizens own cars. Even if it means forgetting the residents of the Parisian crowns, who travel to the capital by road to work there. But Anne Hidalgo is also a candidate for the next presidential election now. An ambition of national scale which pushes it to a radical change of discourse, at least in appearance.

A temporary VAT cut to mitigate the rise in prices

Anne Hidalgo would like to temporarily lower VAT on gasoline.

At the end of 2018, in the columns of The gallery, then at the height of the yellow vests crisis caused by the announcement of an increase in fuel taxation, Anne Hidalgo advocated a carbon tax, as well as ” alignment of diesel and gasoline taxation “, Synonymous with an increase in taxes on diesel. Today she says she is in favor of lowering VAT on fuel. ” It is 20% on gasoline. We can increase it to 5.5% because it is a staple product “, She has just declared at the microphone of RTL in front of Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of the association 40 million motorists.

« There is a difference between the big metropolises, which sometimes even have free transport. (this is not the case in Paris, where their prices are managed on a regional scale, editor’s note), and more rural areas […]. And this is where the price of fuel will weigh very, very heavily on purchasing power. ” said Anne Hidalgo. However, this would only be a temporary cut aimed at mitigating the current rise in energy prices. « In an exceptional situation, an exceptional solution. The exceptional situation is the increase in fuel prices. […] What I am proposing is that, exceptionally and to cover this period, we can play on the VAT “, Specified the socialist candidate. Anne Hidalgo estimates the cost of this reduction in VAT for the state at around 8 billion euros. For consumers, this would translate into savings of 20 to 25 euro cents per liter depending on The echoes.

Hidalgo wants the end of thermal in 2030

street of Paris
Anne Hidalgo recognizes that her Parisian transport policy …
route the campaign
… is not applicable in less urbanized areas.

Behind this apparent reprieve for thermal vehicle users, Anne Hidalgo wants to accelerate the abandonment of the latter in favor of “zero emission” models. She announces: “ In Paris, it’s 2030 (in circulation, editor’s note). France for now is 2040 (for sale new, Editor’s note), but I think we have to go to 2030 for all of France. The Hexagon would therefore take five years ahead of the recommendations of the European Commission, which aims to ban the sale of new combustion vehicles by 2035. And the aspirant to the Presidency does not limit her project to the new market. « There will remain used vehicles, on which it will be necessary to retrofit, support She says. It predicts that motorists ” will be forced to abandon their thermal cars “, Emphasizing that” manufacturers have already started to transform the automotive sector. And within ten years there will be almost more thermal vehicles “. It does not say anything about the development of the charging network for the moment.

Citroën dealership
Under the presidency of Hidalgo, thermal cars could disappear from concessions as early as 2030.

Anne Hidalgo says she wants to increase aid for the purchase of electric vehicles, especially for people in rural areas, who are hit hard by current and future increases in fuel prices. Those who are forced to use their cars without having the means to change them. ” I see the crisis looming before us. […] There are bonuses for the purchase of electric vehicles, but it is not enough. You can’t take the double penalty “, She addresses them, without specifying what new aid she would put in place. Although Anne Hidalgo has publicly declared herself as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, she should not be officially invested by the Socialist Party until October 14 following an internal vote. Its program should therefore expand with the support of the party from that date.

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