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  • MAC Cosmetics started the year on the right foot, as to test the durability of its products through its campaign that is supported by Cher and Saweetie.

MEXICO CITY.- MAC Cosmetics started the year on the right foot, since to test the durability of its products through its Challenge Accepted campaign, it was supported by nothing more and nothing less than the singers Cher and Saweetie.

“I was always Cher, but I couldn’t afford to wear makeup, hair, and dress up at 4 (years). I was always stubborn. And then, that stubbornness became my mantra: I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE WORD ‘NO’ “, said the interpreter through a statement, reported by Variety.

“No matter what happens, I never give up. I couldn’t let myself care what people thought. I took risks because what else can be done? I was like a bumper car: when I hit a wall, I just backed up and turned around. I’ve been saying Challenge Accepted for a millennium. “

The campaign was launched this Tuesday on social networks and digital platforms with a video in which the company asks its customers to use its sweat-proof, water-proof and low-temperature products, which, as indicated, are protected with formulas high pigmentation and impermeability.

One of Cher’s most iconic moments occurs near the end of the clip, in which she appears wearing an outfit similar to the one she wore for a 1975 Time magazine cover.

“I love to last forever” is the last thing you hear him say.

For its part, according to Yahoo News, Saweetie He commented in the letter that, as he has always liked to set goals and give his all to meet them, this challenge suited him like a glove.

“Being an icon, for me, is thinking outside the box and getting out of your comfort zone, so this campaign about being prepared for a challenge is just what I like,” he said.

“I was so honored to partner with a legend like Cher and a brand I’ve always loved like MAC; it was the perfect combination ”.

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