Chyno Miranda’s Wife Bows When She Sees The Singer In Critical Condition

About some months ago, Chyno Miranda told his followers that a health crisis put him on the verge of being paralyzed, because he had to endure severe pain that even prevented him from walking, But now the singer reappeared on his social networks and although he pointed out that he is slowly recovering, his image caused an impact.

And it is that the artist shocked everyone by a video in which it can be seen that there is a before and an after; from the moment he entered the hospital, the disease in its purest form, and also the present, recovered and, why not say it, also with the havoc left by peripheral neuropathy, in addition to the fact that he recently had COVID-19.

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These images not only surprised his fans, but to Natasha Araos herself, the singer’s wife, who collapsed in tears when she saw the critical state her husband went through and did not hesitate to say a few words to him.

“They have been very, very hard all these months … When I speak to you it is because I experience things that also affect me, that hurt me, but thank God this made me stronger emotionally, it helped me understand many things”, were Tashie’s first words.

And I add, “With all my love, my support and my energy, I told him that we were going to get ahead, that he was going to recover, that if he wanted to, he was going to get out of this, that he put everything for everything … greatest wealth we have is our health. ”

In addition to pointing out, “Sometimes, everything that I speak to and write to you is not because I want to tell you that, it is because I also spend moments, that quality and That understanding that I have of life helped me a lot, but seeing that video makes my chest churn because everything we have experienced these months was very difficult, it was super, super strong so I thank you for your blessings”.

And just as the video of Chyno says in her writings, which moves the viewer so much, she made an almost vital request at this moment for her husband: “I ask that in this difficult moment that Jesus is going through, support him 100%, send him a lot of beautiful energy so that he can go out, continue to recover and have all the energy to move forward.”

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But he finished off his sentences by ending, “Just as you have supported him in his greatest moments, support him in this difficult moment that he is living, that I know that love is going to feel it and it will give him more strength to continue with his career, his life and most of all. recover 100% his health, that is the most, the most important…. Go and give him a lot, a lot of love “.

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Chyno Mirandas wife bows when she sees the singer in
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