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The great Clinton -Clint- Eastwood turns 90 today. Movie animal, it can be said who has achieved everything in the seventh art. Born in San Francisco, into a working-class family, his father was an IBM worker, young Clinton graduated from Oakland Technical High School. His teachers, seeing his talent for acting, encouraged him to orient his professional career towards that field, but the restless teenager had other plans. Taking advantage of the fact that music was another of his artistic talents, he chose to play the clarinet in nightclubs, falsifying his age in exchange for sandwiches and beer. Between acting and acting, the budding performer performed a multitude of trades. He was a lifeguard, forest firefighter and golf caddy, assignments that were adjusting his future film profile.

Clint Eastwood in ‘For a Handful of Dollars’, ‘Mule’ and ‘Dirty Harry’


In 1951, Clint decided to settle down and enrolled at the University of Seattle but, after being drafted into the United States Army, he was forced to abandon his studies. Destined for Fort Ord in Monterey, California, it is discovered by Universal. The production company was filming a movie in the fort and decides to sign the athletic recruit. Clint begins by making fleeting film appearances. But soon, fearing adoration, he decides to go to the small screen, a discredited medium at that time, a refuge for old glories and beginners who, like him, could not take off. Clint becomes the second star of the teleserie Whip. Television allowed him to survive until the cinema knocked on his door again in the person of Sergio Leone. Eastwood, ignoring stereotypes, agrees to shoot ‘one from the West’ in Europe, specifically in Spain. That role supposes his takeoff as a star of the ‘spaguetti western’. The actor shoots the Italian-German-Spanish co-production in Almería For a bunch of dollars, commercial success that they would follow The dead had a price and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly .

Confident of himself, Clint returns to Hollywood and soon receives good acting offers. His nose leads him to accept a role rejected by Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra, the character of Harry Callahan, a fearsome and unorthodox ‘cop’, who climbs him to the first place of the ‘box office’. Clint was Dirty Harry , a character who in 1972 I would unseat John Wayne himself as the highest grossing actor in North American cinema.

Versatile filmmaker, he later succeeded in directing as well, controlling his films to the point of producing them with his own company, Malpaso Productions. In totla he has directed 38 feature films. Titles like Without forgiveness, Million Dollar Baby (both winners of four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director), Mystic River, Gran Torino or his latest film, the also Oscar winner, The Sniper, they have elevated it as a great classic of modern Hollywood.

‘Deuda de sangre’ (‘Blood Work’) was released in Spain in October 2002.

New York (United States), 27/04/2013.- (FILE) - US actor/director Clint Eastwood attends the Tibeca Talks, Director's Series at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival in New York, New York USA, 27 April 2013 (reissued 29 May 2020). Eastwood will celebrate his 90th birthday on 31 May 2020. (Cine, Estados Unidos, Nueva York) EFE/EPA/PETER FOLEY *** Local Caption *** 50807800

Clint Eastwood at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, in its 2013 edition. EFE / EPA / PETER FOLEY