Cobra Kai: The Untold Story Of Mr. Miyagi That Fans Would Have Liked To See

The successful Cobra Kai is preparing for its season 4 on the Netflix platform, which will again present on screen more characters belonging to the later Karate Kid sequels whose life has been touched by the influence of the legendary Mr. Miyagi.

Known in its own right, the series Cobra Kai has become one of the streaming giant Netflix’s most successful phenomena in recent times. It allowed new generations of viewers who love martial arts stories from all over the world, to join by millions as fans of a story that began 37 years ago.

Cobra Kai stands out as a rare and successful revival of a spectacular series that has been sustained over the years, whose fundamental premise pays homage to the film Karate Kid which debuted with great success in 1984. Later the film gave rise to a cinematographic saga that continued with Karate Kid II, Karate Kid III and The New Karate Kid, all starring the legendary Sr. Miyagi played by the remembered Pat Morita.

More than a decade after the death of Morita and 34 years after the premiere of Karate Kid, comes to light Cobra Kai retaking intact the legacy of the original story with its protagonists of the 80s, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and his nemesis Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), showing that the impossible can be possible with dedication, effort and honor.

Cobra Kai enchants multi-generational fans, with a story of struggle and overcoming told by characters from the original story and young talent. Adorned with nods to several memorable scenes from 1984, one of the bittersweet moments in history corresponds to the darling arc Sr. Miyagi whose teachings impacted adults Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence on the show.

Cobra Kai became a worldwide hit under the shadow of the Karate Kid and the legendary Mr. Miyagi

To the fact that the actor Pat Morita died in 2005 at the age of 73 Due to kidney failure, it is added that if he was alive when Cobra Kai was released it would have been very difficult to see him on stage due to his advanced age. Yet he has never been an absent figure from the moment we see LaRusso and Lawrence reopen their old dojos to teach karate to teenagers.

There is no doubt that the series has had the presence of important and old characters from the Karate Kid film saga, but none have the same weight as Mr. Miyagi. In the Cobra Kai story, Mr. Miyagi and Daniel remained friends until the character’s fictional death in 2011. The admired mentor not only left Daniel home, but the latter is seen visiting his grave regularly.

The character of Sr. Miyagi It is so great that even his legacy played an important part in the third season of Cobra Kai more than ever. When LaRusso sets out on a nostalgic journey to Okinawa in Japan, the sensei’s hometown, to learn more about his late teacher and discover a secret his mentor kept from him all the years they lived together.

As you will remember, since Daniel opened the Miyagi-do, he always taught his students that karate was a philosophy of life that went beyond simple attack and defense movements as most of the world believed. However, in season 3 of Cobra Kai, once again the iconic Mr, Miyagi, although absent, again impacts everyone as he did in the past when he was still alive, but this time he succeeds by revealing hidden techniques to his protégé. That not even with 27 years of training he managed to know.