Coming to Cross Check! iNews TV, Wika Salim Suddenly Wants to Change Name : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Dangdut singer Wika Salim suddenly want to change name when present at the event Cross Check! on iNews TV, Monday (17/1/2022). At first Jarwo Strong seemed to want to shake the sword’s hand.

Seeing his colleague’s behavior, Denny Cagur immediately reprimanded him. “What are you doing?!” said Denny Cagur quoted from the show Cross Check! Monday (17/01/22).


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“Kan Wika Salim, so must be salim,” said Jarwo.

Wika Salim did not respond to Saliman from Jarwo. He even admitted that he wanted to change his name to Wika Betot.

“I just changed it to be Wika betot. So dibetot-betot,” said Wika.

Wika’s presence to read the news with Jarwo. Where the information to be conveyed is related to the latest news circulating in the community, and raises the pros and cons of it.

First, Wika and Jarwo said that the police had warned against quarantine jockeys at the airport. Because many Indonesian citizens (WNI) have just arrived on vacation from abroad.

Then the vaccine jockey, where it is known that a man claimed to be a jockey and was injected with the vaccine 16 times in Pinrang Regency, South Sulawesi. And the latest one was found in Semarang, Central Java.

Furthermore, the matter of face-to-face schools (PTM) in a number of regions in Indonesia, including Bali. Not a few students have to re-adapt, because previously teaching and learning activities were carried out online or online.