Congress Of Women Of The Music Industry – Let’s Talk About Madrid

Second Day | Saturday, November 13, 2021

The second day of Congress of Women of the Music Industry, focused on debate, reflection and analysis, is intended exclusively for the members of the MIM association. And it aims to develop the conclusions that will lay the foundations for a Manual of Good Practices in the Music Industry.

Thus, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the members will be summoned to 4 work tables to investigate different sectors of the music industry.

They are as follows:

‘Public institutions’

With Rocío Mena de Gabeiras & Asociados, In the 1st roundtable will be discussed how to include gender clauses in public contracts in the cultural field, competitions, subsidies and other administrative processes. And that they should also comply with legislative regulations on gender.


With Ivon Lesán, ‘booker’ from Primavera Sound. In this 2nd table we will try to detect those points in which the artistic programming fails in terms of gender equality. And guidelines will be proposed to alleviate this situation.


With Lorena jimenez, director of La Trinchera. In the 3rd table we will try to analyze which are the sexist languages ​​that are used in the world of music. In addition to agreeing on ways to improve and correct said expressions.

‘Work teams’

With Red Sea, programmer for Sala El Sol (Madrid) and musical coordinator for Veranos de la Villa: in the 4th table the aim is to identify the most common problems in work teams in the sector. Such as the scarce presence of women in technical and managerial positions. In addition to proposing concrete changes from training, empowerment, visibility and job placement.

And after the conclusions, the farewell in charge of Carmen Zapata, president of the MIM association.