Cooking with Ariel NOAH, Dina Lorenza Grogi : Okezone Celebrity

DINA Lorenza and Ariel NOAH are getting more and more intimate. One of them can be seen from their adorable and intimate portrait when they are cooking together.

Yes, the soap opera star Eclipse is always awkward when Ariel is beside him. This made Dina Lorenza the butt of her friends. The moment was recorded on DinaKekeWindy’s tasting YouTube channel.

Like when they open their YouTube content. Not even 5 minutes had passed, Windy Wulandari had already teased Dina, who said she wanted to be a pious wife.

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“We want to test Dina, who said she wants to be a pious wife,” said Windy, quoted on Sunday (10/10/2021).

“How come I am the guest star, not me,” said Dina, pointing to Ariel.

“Oh, the guest star is Ariel. To test Dina who wants to be a pious wife and him. So what does that mean? Curious, right? Then I’ll be curious, now cook first. Because Ariel wants to cook Dina. Eh wrong, Dina wants to cook Ariel,” answered Windy again .

At that time, Dina who was standing beside Ariel actually looked cool together. Cut Keke who saw it also teased Dina.

“It’s noisy itself,” said Cut Keke with a laugh.

“Why are you, close to Ariel, oh, you want to be close, okay?” said Windy, laughing teasingly at Dina.

Then Windy also teases Dina when Ariel discusses his future wife. The reason is, Ariel is looking for a wife with a type similar to his mother. Because for Ariel the mother is very valuable in his life.

“Just asking, Dina is still single, isn’t it similar to the future wife Ariel wants?” said Windy who previously poked Dina.

Not only that, when Dina was nervous about explaining the name of the ingredients, she was still teased. The cooking moments were full of jokes and laughter.

“Don’t stutter, it’s normal, just close to Ariel, you already stutter,” Windy teased again.

On another occasion, Windy kept throwing direct questions at Ariel. Dina could only smile and resigned herself to hearing Windy’s remarks.

The video was immediately crowded with various netizen comments. Not a few who feel excited and baper to see the behavior of Ariel and Dina. Many pray for them to become partners in the future.

“It fits really well with Ariel and Dina Lorenza. Hopefully a mate,” wrote netizens.

“I smiled to myself when I saw Boril and Dina,” said another netizen.

“Just from the clothes, it’s already a couple, standing side by side is also very harmonious, if God is indeed pleased, hopefully your soul mate. Amen, rabbal alamin,” replied another netizen.

“Ariel Dina makes baper, hopefully it fits handsome and beautiful,” wrote another netizen.