Court sentenced to death for “Squid Game”

A North Korean court sentenced a man to death by shooting. His “offense”: he smuggled the Netflix series “Squid Game” into the country. Seven students who watched the series were sent to labor camps for years. Even their teachers are severely punished.

A North Korean court sentenced a man to death by shooting. His offense: He smuggled a copy of the Netflix series “Squid Game” to North Korea and sold it there. This is reported by Radio Free Asia RFA (note: apart from RFA there is no other source for this almost unbelievable report).

North Korean authorities “discovered the Netflix smuggler after they arrested seven students who were watching the hit Netflix from South Korea. The convicted man is said to have secretly brought a copy of the series from China to North Korea, which is isolated and isolated from foreign policy. There he transferred copies to USB storage media and then sold them. The death penalty should be carried out by shooting.

A student who bought one of the copies was sentenced to life imprisonment. The other six students who “only” watched the series but did not buy any of the USB storage devices were sentenced to five years in a labor camp. Their teachers and school administrators have been sacked and must work in remote mines.

North Korea severely punishes such offenses

The dictatorial North Korea tries by all means to keep foreign media of all kinds away from its population. The law forbids viewing, owning or distributing media from “capitalist” countries, especially from South Korea and the USA, and provides the death penalty as the maximum penalty.

The authorities had received a tip about the students. As a result, a special unit – “Surveillance Bureau Group 109” – the North Korean police, which specializes in preventing the viewing of illegal media, attacked. The authorities mercilessly questioned the arrested, as reported by RFA, in order to find out other owners of series copies and the distribution channel as well as the way in which the copies got into the hermetically sealed country. The government takes the incident very seriously and claims that student education has been neglected. That is why the teachers, school boards and other educational staff were severely punished. This harsh punishment for the teachers is apparently intended to lead other teachers to spy on and monitor their students even more than before.

After the students were caught, authorities began searching the markets for storage media and video CDs containing foreign media, a resident of the province told RFA. The residents were now very afraid because they could be mercilessly punished for buying or selling storage media.

One of the seven convicted students was probably saved by his wealthy parents from serving the sentence by bribing the authorities with $ 3,000.

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