Coward, Devina Aureel Challenged to Play in the Vision+ Horror Series : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The Vision+ over the top (OTT) service provider application continues to innovate to provide interesting shows. One of them, Twisted 2, a horror-thriller genre series that will air on Halloween in October.

This series presents young actors and actresses. One of them is Devina Aureel, a celebrity who has been active as an actress since 2015.

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Since her career as an actress, Devina has starred in several films and series titles. Among them are Relationshit (2015), Yowis Ben (2018), Imperfect: Career, Love & Scales (2019), the Cek Toko Next door series (2019-2020), to Imperfect The Series (2021).

With these experiences, this long-haired actress is no stranger to the world of acting. However, the Twisted 2 series will be very different from Devina’s previous films and series.

Because, this is the first time he has played in a horror genre series. Uniquely, this woman from East Java is a coward.

“I’m here to play Linda. Linda is a vlogger who likes to create horror content,” said Devina Aureel when met by MNC Media at iNews Tower, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/9/2021).

For him, it is not difficult enough to play Linda because she has similar characteristics to the series character. “I look like Linda actually, she’s outspoken, but scared and panicked. So, it’s not difficult, but yes, I am a person who is easily afraid,” he said.

However, this 25-year-old woman admits that she is challenged to play in this horror series. “It’s challenging and fun. You see, all this time (just starring in films or series) are comedy, haha, right. Even though I think I will be scared while filming, but later I will try to give suggestions to myself so I won’t be afraid,” said Devina.

Besides Devina Aureel, Twisted 2 will also star Djenar Maesa Ayu, Totos Rasiti, Ruth Marini, Samuel Rizal, Fatih Unru, Karina Ranau, and Jinan JKT 48. Curious about the series? Wait for Twisted 2 on the Vision+ app in October 2021.