Creator Invites Andrew Garfield to be a Guest Star of Cobra Kai : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Actor Andrew Garfield admits to having one television series he really loves; Cobra Kai. Hearing the actor’s confession, the creators of Cobra Kai also plan to invite Andrew to visit their series.

Created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, Cobra Kai is an action drama series that continues the Karate Kid film series from the 80s. The difference is, instead of focusing on the story of Daniel LaRusso, the film’s protagonist, Cobra Kai takes the point of view of Johnny Lawrence, who was the antagonist of the first film.

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Being a series that is quite popular on Netflix, Cobra Kai gets a lot of fans from various circles, including Hollywood artists; Andrew Garfield is one of them. Hearing that Andrew had praised the series, the creators of Cobra Kai also admitted that they wanted to invite the actor to join.

“We all love Andrew, he’s a talented actor who should get a surprising role,” said Jon Hurwitz, a representative for Cobra Kai.

“If he joins the Cobra Kai series, we have to create a very unique character. That’s the first step we have to take.”

So far, Cobra Kai itself has managed to air three seasons since 2018. It will air its fourth season on December 31 tomorrow and has also finished filming the fifth season, there is no sign that Netflix will cancel this best-selling series.

Seeing that there is still a long way to go, the trio of creators of Cobra Kai also have many opportunities to collaborate with Andrew. Will the ex-Spider-Man be able to clear his schedule to learn karate for a while? Just starred in the movie Tick, Tick… Boom! owned by Netflix, it’s certainly not impossible for Andrew to join the production of the streaming service once again.