Creator talks about Squid Game

Korea has been divided lately on TV shows like Hellbound and Squid Game.and unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen or heard of the latter, which received praise from all quarters due to its phenomenal cast and very sad, dark history. Other TV series directors have also expressed their opinion on the series, and among them is Yeon Sang-ho, who recently released Hellbound on NetflixIn an interview, he spoke about the success of Squid Game:

« I think Squid Game and Hellbound have their differences and the reasons people love them are somewhat different. Both were popular because they had something that people could relate to and resonate with. I think everyone has some level of fear and darkness in them, and I think it’s universal. So when I realized Hellbound, I wanted to find out what kind of hope could be drawn from the fear that is in each of us. It wasn’t too long ago that Korean dramas touched on these dark, apocalyptic themes. With Korean films, it’s been a long time, but television was mostly about romance and romantic comedy. It wasn’t until 3 or 4 years ago that Korean dramas got into these darker genres. I think there have been environmental changes in the industry, and a lot of creators in the film industry have moved into the drama industry, and that’s why they made the drama darker. ”

Yeon Sang-ho is delighted with his rival’s success, and he too claims this change of subject matter in the industry is another factor that has led to the success of both series, giving Korea significant momentum as a creator. media content..

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