Daniel Craig’s Income Reaches IDR 1.2 Trillion Through James Bond: Okezone Celebrity

THE ANGELS– Actor Daniel Craig still trusted to play the character of James Bond through his latest film No Time To Die. This will also be his last film competing as the 007 agent.

Nevertheless, Daniel Craig actually admitted that he didn’t think he was still chosen to star in James Bond again.

Daniel Craig


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“I don’t think that I will make another (James Bond) film after ‘Spectre’. I really think that I will. I really think that I will pack up,” Craig said as quoted from the page Reuters, Thursday (30/9/2021).

The plan, the film with a duration of almost 3 hours will premiere in April. However, the screening of the film with a capital of USD 200 million (Rp 2.84 trillion) will only be carried out on September 30 tomorrow.

For Daniel, the James Bond film is a source to fill his money barns. Imagine from James Bond films, Daniel pocketed a fee of up to tens of millions of dollars, as Daniel became more and more trusted to star in the film.

Quotes celebritynetworth.com, Daniel was initially “only” paid USD 3.2 million when he first played James Bond in the Casino Royale series in 2006. Slowly but surely, his pay continued to increase in subsequent series.

In the Quantum of Solace series Daniel got paid USD7.2 million. At Skyfall it went up to USD20 million, Specter USD30 million.

In the last sequel, Daniel “only” earned $25 million, but if the film hits big, he’ll get an added bonus. In total, Daniel’s income from competing in James Bond reached USD 85.4 million or equivalent to IDR 1.2 trillion.

James Bond is almost always a super box office film. Every James Bond film always reaps the benefits, or the income is greater than the production costs. Quoting The Numbers, here are the revenues earned by James Bond films during Daniel Craig’s time:

1. Casino Royale: revenue USD594.4 million and production cost USD102 million

2. Quantum of Solace: revenue 591.6 million and production cost USD230 million

3. Skyfall: revenue of USD1.1 billion and production cost of USD200 million

4. Specter: revenue USD879.5 million and production cost USD300 million

Seeing the income of Bond films that always gain profits, it’s no wonder then that the pay for the 007 actor always goes up, either at the producer’s favor or at the request of the actor.

The huge income from James Bond films made Pierce Brosnan, who played James Bond before Daniel, tempted to ask for a high fee and ended up being thrown out of this film. After the series Die Another Day aired in 2002 with revenues of USD431 million, Pierce asked for a pay increase of USD42 million.

The filmmaking company ignored Pierce’s request and instead replaced him with Daniel Craig, who later changed the character of James Bond from “joking” to “cold” to “ruthless”.

Now Daniel Craig can “retire” as James Bond and also shoots, fist fights, and jumps with a fortune that reaches USD 160 million or around Rp. 2.27 trillion. Of that number, most of them came from the role of James Bond and also from 68 other films that he starred in.