“Delia and I are an open couple, another woman lives with us”

Alex Belli, after weeks of accusations and criticisms, he has decided to spill the beans. The undisputed protagonist of the love affairs inside the house of Big Brother Vip, after declaring his love for Soleil Rises, he unleashes himself with Biagio D’Anelli: “There is no betrayal”. The actor after several hard and heated confrontations with his wife, Delia Duran, he decided to do clarity.

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Alex does not want to deny the evidence: for Soleil he has a strong attraction and sincere feelings. But the real revelation lies in the fact that Alex Belli and Delia Duran they live love just like this. For them it’s a normal thing: I’m a open couple. «In the past I have cheated, I made and rebuilt when I was young – he confides to Biagio D’Anelli – At this moment, however, no. I’m not betraying anything. For the first time in my life I have stripped and shown myself for who I am. I told Delia ‘do you accept me like this? This is the package ‘. And she told me ‘yes, and this is me’. Bam. I didn’t have to do anything she accepted me for what they are. Not only did he accept me, but she is part of it. It’s an integral part of it. “

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The story by Alex Belli then it becomes more detailed: «It took me 38 years to find a free person like Delia. Here we are promised free love. We had parties with friends, with friends. At our house every Friday there are parties like the ones we did here on Halloween – he confesses – You understand? If we do this stuff here? The kiss freeze is nonsense in comparison».

But that is not all. Alex Belli goes further and reveals an even more intimate detail. In their daily life there is another woman: “Stella, for example, comes on vacation with us, she lives with us».

“If I had introduced myself to Delia one way and then discovered a different Alex, then there would be a betrayal. I and she we played with our cards exposed – Alex concludes -. We accepted each other like this and we live emotionally free».

Now, therefore, it remains to understand why Delia Duran did the outbursts of jealousy and have asked those comparisons with Alex. Is everything programmed to make more audiences or is the truth different? Surely this evening, in the episode of Friday 10 December, Alfonso Signorini will have to work overtime for bring clarity in a love triangle more and more intricate.

Last updated: Friday 10 December 2021, 20:27