Delia ready for revenge. “Tonight the truth”

Tonight Delia Duran, Alex Belli’s wife, will enter the house of Gf Vip. And lightning and thunderbolts are expected. Arrived, first in the loft and then in the Cinecittà studio, the Venezuelan model lashed out hard against the “dead cat” Soleil Sorge who has a strong harmony with the ex from CentoVetrine.

After a moment of cooling between the two gieffins, the “artistic chemistry” is back. And it is increasingly hot. In the last few hours the rapprochement, very, very close, between the two is causing a lot of discussion on the web, and Delia says she is ready to counterattack.

Soleil and Alex in the last few hours have literally let themselves go and after a kiss arrived thanks to the intervention of katia Ricciarelli now the production has thought of creating the perfect situation. Big Brother Vip has made available everything you need to have a massage, and strangely enough, Belli has decided to let Sorge relax. A massage that many have defined as «hot» in perfect “50 shades” style.

Gf Vip, Delia Duran ready for revenge

According to Agent Beast, Alex’s wife is ready to come in and make her husband pay for it. “showdown. His job is to take revenge on Alex, putting him in a bad light during the confrontation. To do this Delia will point out some lies and contradictions that Alex has told. She has to show herself as the Venezuelan tiger as a strong woman by crushing Alex, the weakest person in their relationship. It is no coincidence that these days AS are much more complicit … Delia sees everything and will arrive loaded ».

The “artistic chemistry” between Soleil and Alex

There are many viewers who doubt the veracity of the relationship between the two gieffini who just happen, according to them, close to the episode are getting closer and closer. But Katia Ricciarelli thinks differently and reveals it to Alex: «There is such a powerful complicity between you that it seems like physical attraction. I tell you it seems like a lot. This complicity of yours is inadvertently misunderstood by others and even envied. What is between you is not often seen. I’ve never seen any of this in my life and I’ve come a long way. There is an intensity, in the movements, in the looks that can be seen a lot. I don’t know, but it would be great if… ok you have Delia, but I’m honest. I assure you that this feeling is not often found. It was enough to look at you today, you don’t need to talk. I have to say I don’t know if I’ve ever tried it». So will it all be a technique to have more visibility or is the attraction between the two really fatal?

Last updated: Friday 26 November 2021, 12:47