Denies Dating Issues, RM BTS: I Don’t Know That Woman: Okezone Celebrity

SEOULRM BTS responded to rumors of his romance personally through Insta Story, on December 31, 2021. In that upload, he admitted that he did not know the woman who was rumored to be dating him.

“I don’t know the woman at all. Besides, the poodle belongs to my friend,” said leader The BTS was uploaded on Friday (31/12/2021).

quote Allkpop, rumors of RM BTS’s romance with non-celebrity women started with the upload of a YouTuber who released photos he believed to be evidence of the idol’s relationship with the woman.

The YouTuber claimed that the main evidence of their relationship was RM’s birthday last September. At that time, he uploaded several photos on Twitter and thanked his fans for their words.

One of the photos that the YouTuber highlighted the most was when RM posed in front of a painting at PKM Gallery, an art gallery that the woman had also visited. In her post, the woman wrote, “Just the two of us.”

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Based on the photo, the YouTuber assumed that RM BTS and the girl were dating in the gallery. Another proof that the person claimed was a black and white photo of RM with a poodle that fans had never seen before.

RM BTS. (Foto: Dispatch)

Again, the YouTuber claims, the poodle is the female dog and he often uploads it on his personal Instagram account. Another thing that was suspicious when the woman uploaded a photo showing the hand of a man who the YouTuber claimed was RM’s hand.

Previously, Big Hit Entertainment had denied these rumors. The agency only issued a brief statement that read: “Romance rumors about RM BTS are not true.”*

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