‘Dexter: New Blood’ Shows Trailer And Announces Its Premiere For November 7

Dexter Morgan Returns. The most famous serial killer on television will return to his old ways in a final season, although this time he will do so under the name of Jim Lindsay. On a cold-weather spiritual retreat, he will soon be back to his old ways in a new ten-chapter season under the command of Clyde Phillips, showrunner original from Dexter who left the series after its fourth season and was in charge of taking the character to his best moments. The final new season It will be released next November 7, and it was during the San Diego Comic Con, when we were able to see a promising thriller that has left us wanting more.

Dexter returns with a season that will do justice to the character

After his farewell at 2013, Dexter come back to us with a 10-episode television event that promises to get on our nerves thanks to a new game of mouse and cat. Yes, the disastrous end of the series left everyone angry and wanting more, as the conclusion was bittersweet and awkward. These episodes bear the responsibility of providing you with an ending worthy of the character’s legacy, an antihero who has been an icon of the pop culture in recent times. However, it seems that the homework has been done, since the ninth season will have the showrunner original, Clyde Phillips, who knew how to understand the mechanisms of this very particular serial killer and his way of acting.

In Dexter: New Blood, Clancy Brown being the main antagonist, the villain who will put in check the character played by Michael C. Hall, while Jamie Chung play a podcaster of real crimes that end up uncovering the truth about Dexter after a personal investigation. The serial killer is moving, moving from Miami and Oregon, and appears to take up residence in upstate New York, thus changing the heat for the cold. The story of the coroner specializing in blood spatter analysis, who began working for the Miami Police Department, had a livid moment in the first seasons, although then everything was ruined by a series of creative changes, producers who left and they came in and a drop in the quality of the scripts.

Since the fourth season, many viewers believe that it was not known to channel the fiction, with increasingly poor scripts and crazier and uninteresting stories. The new ending of Showtime can do justice after so many years of waiting.