Dhini Aminarti and Dimas Seto Try to Undertake Pregnancy Program : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Married couple Dimas Seto and Dhini Aminarti has not been blessed with children after 12 years of wading through the household. As a form of effort, the couple was seen visiting one of the clinics to consult a gynecologist and andrologist recently.

It is shared Dhini Aminarti through a post on his personal Instagram. In the photo she and her husband look very serious listening to the explanations of the two doctors.


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“It’s never too late to seek knowledge as well as to go to a doctor. How important is it for us to consult a doctor for married couples and MUST be husband and wife,” Dhini wrote in the photo caption on his Instagram, as quoted Tuesday (30/11/2021).

“Because it’s not possible to check only on his wife, right and here we are both discussing with two great doctors at @bocahindonesia_ doctor @m.luky_satria and doctor @dr.tiarakirana_sp. So how about it? Consultation both is much better, because there must be cooperation between husbands wife,” he continued.

The 38-year-old woman’s upload made netizens busy commenting and praying for the success of the two of them to be able to have children. They also seem to give encouragement to Dhini, considering her struggle to have children is not easy.

“May Allah facilitate and launch all the efforts of mba Dini and mas Dimas. Allah knows what is best for his people, patience will produce sweet fruit. #Semangat,” wrote the netizen.

“May Allah make it easy, my beautiful sister, we are both second line fighters,” added the netizen.

“May God make it easy,” said another.